Instruction for using elevated working platforms, forklifts and telescopic forklifts

The objective of instruction is safety-oriented behaviour.

Instruction enables you to pass on our expertise and our experience to your employees, making your company more successful.

The instruction covers two main topics:

  • The dangers that employees are exposed to during their work and
  • The safety measures for avoiding dangers

Advantages of instruction:

  • Your employees learn how to assess risks and therefore work with fewer mistakes
  • You fulfil the legal obligations for instruction.
  • The employees know which protective equipment and safety measures are prescribed.
  • Your employees can work safely and smoothly and are therefore more productive.
  • Your employees are more motivated, as they see that your health and safety are important in the company.
  • Your work procedures are more reliable, as the employees are better informed.

Regularly repeated instruction is necessary because everybody forgets what they have learned after a while. Just try to remember what your leaned in school, for example.

Experience shows that we tend to forget a lot, even under favourable conditions. Especially when no accidents occur, the dangers and safety measures are quickly forgotten and repeated instruction is required to refresh our memories.


Price overview:

The instruction takes about half a day and costs 280,- CHF.

If you are interested, please contact akademie(at)