Training for the operation of working platforms

The advantages of IPAF

Those who are familiar with the risks can avoid dangers. Almost 80% of the accidents that occur when using a working platform are caused by operating errors. A training course is therefore essential for avoiding accidents.

  • Fewer work-related accidents
  • Fulfilment of the duty of care
  • Faster, safer working conditions
  • Reduction of equipment malfunctions caused by incorrect operation
  • IPAF confirms that the operator has been trained to operate working platforms. This certificate increasingly decides on whether or not a company receives an order.
  • The training is valid indefinitely.

Multiple certified and tested security

With IPAF you meet the requirements of the legislator (ArG) with regard to the responsibility and use of work equipment by employees. Because you have an entrepreneurial duty of care. You can fulfill these with a training course that is certified according to ISO 18878: 2013. You should therefore use the certified and thus tested security concept of IPAF. mateco conducts the training according to the internationally recognized IPAF standard. This concept was developed and expanded by working platform users and safety experts.

IPAF categories

IPAF training can be conducted for different categories of equipment. To see which categories these are and which types of working platforms they include, take a look at the overview of IPAF categories.